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Bridge Policy E04: Two defensive bidding schemes against Standard 1♣️ Opening


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This article links to a video that discusses two defences against a standard 1♣️ opening, based on the analysis presented in the third video of this series. I also discuss the bidding on Board 21 of HCL 2021 QF with each of these methods. It turns out that the bidding is a cinch.

Two results are clear from the analysis of a standard 1♣️ opening.

Firstly, the longest suit of the opener could be one of three. About 60% of the times, it is the Club suit; about 10% of the times each is a Major suit, Spades or Hearts; and about 20% times Clubs are as long as one of the Majors. One of the suggested methods employs a take out double against each of these possible long suits as the basis.

The second result from the analysis suggests that the opponents have the par contract on 1/3 of the deals after a standard 1♣️ opening. Out of these, only about 3 out of 1000 deals are beneficially conducted by the Left Hand Opponent of 1♣️ opener. The rest of the contracts are best conducted by the RHO. The second method employs transfer overcalls to accommodate and benefit from this finding.